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Providing preeminent veterinary cancer care has been our mission since 2004. It is clear to us that creating our unique brand of care can only be accomplished when we find the right people, and nurture an environment to support, align and inspire them. Though, as you can see below, we seek out and hire the very best, we are more than a collection of individual experts. We work together as a team every day to deliver an exceptional overall experience to every one of our Clients, Animal Patients, and Referring Veterinarians. We value and appreciate the trust you place in us, and look forward to embracing you in our culture of HOPE, CARE and Optimal OUTCOMESTM

Our Integrated Care and Highly Skilled Staff

When you come to our Clinic, you will see how every element of your care is smoothly integrated among our doctors, between our specialty areas, and within our facilities. This close and seamless coordination is key to delivering Optimal OUTCOMES because it allows the formidable individual expertise of our staff members to be expressed and experienced at its greatest level, and to your maximum advantage. 

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) All veterinarians have earned an undergraduate college degree and completed four years of veterinary medical school. After passing a comprehensive national and state exam, they can practice as Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) in their state.

Our Veterinary Oncology Specialists (Diplomates) Beyond their DVM training, every one of our veterinarians has pursued additional education and experiences to establish expertise in distinct areas of oncology. Most are “board-certified”, which requires extensive training and course caseload, published research, at least 1 year of internship experience, and 3-5 years of hospital residency focusing on a specific specialty – after which a rigorous exam must be passed for certification. These professionals have then reached the pinnacle of veterinarian achievement in training and are considered “Diplomates” of the accreditation organization for that area as recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association Board of Veterinary Specialties.

Veterinary ONCOLOGIST Specialists

Medical Oncology

Stephanie Correa, DVM
Evan Sones, DVM, MS
Ashlyn Williams, DVM
Ricardo Fernandez, DVM
Erin Roof, DVM

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One of our Medical Oncology professionals will conduct your initial Consultation and will oversee the care of you and your pet from that point forward. Their specialty area is cancer identification, growth, and all forms of treatment. Board-certified Medical Oncologists are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (DACVIM). As part of your Consultation they will create and walk you through your Optimal OUTCOME Care GuideTM – providing our Expert Diagnosis, recommending at least two comprehensive Treatment Options (designing chemotherapy protocols and coordinating with our veterinary internists, surgeons and radiation oncologist if needed), and discussing Treatment Comparisons with you so that you can make responsible, Informed Decisions. Once you have selected a Care Plan, the Medical Oncologist will integrate all of your care with us, and will keep both you and your primary care veterinarian fully informed of your pet’s Care Plan and progress. 

Radiation Oncology

Pedro Dominguez, DVM

Our board-certified Radiation Oncologist plans and manages the increasingly complex and critical imaging procedures necessary to accurately diagnose and treat cancer including ultrasound, x-ray, and computed tomography (CT). Many practices use the remote, contracted services of an off-site Radiation Oncologist – whom they share with other clinics – to plan and manage radiation treatments. Though perhaps available on occasion, they are generally not on-site while your pet receives treatments and unable to personally oversee procedures and observe reactions and/or potential side effects. Our Radiation Oncologist is fully present in-house to manage our highly sophisticated radiation planning, treatment therapies and imaging – benefiting your pet in all phases of their care from Expert Diagnosis to Monitoring and Maintenance. Our investment in state-of-the-art, human-caliber equipment and facilities, combined with this rare, on-site professional expertise, have fueled tremendous growth and success in our radiation therapy and radiation surgery practice. Board-certified Radiation Oncologists are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (DACVR).

Radiation Oncology

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Tammi Ruddle, DVM
Robin Holtsinger, DVM

Whereas all veterinarians can perform surgery as part of their normal practice, oncological surgery is best managed by specialists with extensive experience in animal cancer, and with the on-site access to equipment, technology, lab facilities, coordinating specialists (Radiation Oncologist, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncologist) and support staff to ensure the best outcomes. Based on their observations during surgical treatment, our board-certified experts, Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (DACVS), will recommend further treatment, medicines and provide post-operative monitoring.

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Internal Medicine

Lisa Moore, DVM

Our board-certified Internal Medicine professional is an expert in the specific effects of cancer on internal organ systems and animal conditions including gastroenterology, endocrinology, infectious disease, urology, respiratory, hematology, immunology, and others. When appropriate, your Medical Oncologist integrates her expertise into the Treatment Options presented in your Optimal OUTCOME Care GuideTM and into your chosen Care Plan. This coordination of medical knowledge, input, communication and skills with the Internist will continue throughout your pet’s treatment. Our specialist in Internal Medicine is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (DACVIM). 

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Canine/Feline Medicine

Michele Travers, DVM

Our board-certified Diplomate of American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (DABVP) has over 25 years experience owning her own veterinary practice in Florida. Having such a background contributes an enormous understanding of how to nurture the needs of our Clients, Animal Patients, Referring Veterinarians and Employees during every interaction with our company. Director of our South Florida Operations, she is uniquely qualified to integrate the medical, administrative, and service elements of cancer care into one Mission-guided journey of HOPE, CARE and Optimal OUTCOMESTM

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Support Staff

Medical Support

The medical support staff necessary to competently and smoothly operate a clinic of our caliber includes exceptional Oncology Nurses, Internal Medicine/Critical Care Nurses, Surgery Nurses, Lab Technicians, Radiology Technicians and their assistants. These medical professionals facilitate the care and comfort of every patient, and support our doctors every day in achieving Optimal OUTCOMES. 

Client Support

Client support at ACCC is multifaceted, and perhaps more than anything else requires an attitude of Healing, Optimism, Patience and Empathy (HOPE) while attending to the communications, administration, and logistics of successful Client and Patient interactions. Our Client Support activities are central to our culture, and the skills, efficiency and demeanor of our staff is critical in achieving Optimal OUTCOMES. 

Schedule a Consultation

Emergency Care

After-Hours Nurse Consultation

Being available for you and for the continuity of cancer patient care is important. Our team of oncology and critical care nurses are on-call to assist with urgent after-hours consultation 24 hours a day, except 6pm – 7am Saturday and Sunday.

In the event of an emergency, call (954) 527-3111 and speak directly to one of our oncology or critical care nurses.

The nurse will be able to assist in determining the next best step for your pet, which may include directing you to the nearest emergency clinic. If you have your pet evaluated at an emergency hospital other than our facility, we will forward your pet’s medical records to that facility if needed. 


Employment & Internships

Because we are steadily growing, we are always looking for the right people to join our clinic, and contribute to our culture, our team and the Optimal OUTCOMES of our Clients and Animal Patients. As a trained medical professional, or a member of our supporting staff, each individual working with us is critical to achieving our Mission. At times we are able to train and support Interns, and can involve them in all aspects of the diagnosis, staging, treatment and management of cancer patients in both medical and radiation oncology. If you are interested in learning more about us and the possibility of working with us, please call 954-527-3111 or email us at accc@animalcancercareclinic.com. 


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