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Simplification for You. Peace of mind for your clients.

Your Clients trust you to direct them to the best oncology expertise available so they can make informed, responsible decisions about their pet’s well-being. For us at ACCC, being the best means translating their decisions into Optimal OUTCOMES by focusing on all elements of preeminent care starting with timely, seamless, and simplified communication with their primary care veterinarian. That is why we developed our own proprietary referral channel at cancercarereferral.com.

Vet Comments about Our Online Referral Process

“After hearing about the new referral process from one of our doctors, our nurses put the icon on their desktops. They feel it is very user-friendly and time-saving. We are really pleased with this new tool.”
– Dr. Stephanie Jones, Animal Hospital of Fort Lauderdale

“The TLC family loves the ACCC family and the wonderful medicine and care they provide our patients and clients. In order to facilitate the transfer of care, we utilize the online patient referral portal that ACCC has established – which is easy, useful and informative. We strongly recommend the referral service.”
Dr. Akbulut and the TLC Animal Hospital family, Boca Raton, FL

While your Client is still at your clinic, you or your staff electronically submits a one-page referral form, attaching any relevant medical records if available. If your Client then calls us to schedule a Consultation, we already have everything we need to schedule, with no additional paperwork needed even upon their arrival.

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Your Client's Consultation with ACCC

Every Consultation with ACCC includes an
Optimal OUTCOMES Care Guide™

Created by the Medical Oncologist conducting your Client’s Consultation, our Optimal OUTCOMES Care Guide™ includes an Expert Diagnosis and at least two Treatment Options with associated prognosis, cost and schedule. We will take the time to discuss and analyze the Treatment Comparisons with your Client, making sure to answer all of their questions. Of course, they are under no obligation to pursue any treatment whatsoever, but if they decide to go forward, we can often initiate treatment at this first appointment. A more detailed version of this Optimal OUTCOMES Care Guide™ will be sent to you, their primary veterinarian, immediately after their Consultation with us, and we will regularly update you on their pet’s care and condition throughout any treatment.

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