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The Quality of our Relationships Determines the Success of our Mission

We focus every day on supporting the needs of our Clients, Animal Patients, Referring Vets and Employees. We also invest in relationships with others in the fight against animal cancer – vendors, industry organizations, academia and charitable groups. Enjoy learning here about some of the ways we nurture these valuable relationships.

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Driven by our responsibility and privilege to support the sharing of knowledge, experience, and camaraderie with oncology specialists throughout the world, we are pleased to sponsor three very important industry events in 2023. 


ACCC was a proud sponsor of the 2023 ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine) Forum in Philadelphia, held on June 15-17, 2023. The world’s largest veterinary specialty organization, ACVIM provides veterinary specialist accreditation in five areas, including oncology. The Forum serves as a premier platform for sharing advancements and research in veterinary internal medicine, ultimately enhancing clinical practice and animal health.

As the sponsor of the full day of oncology seminars at the Forum, we brought a special guest, Dr. Renee Alsarraf, an esteemed veterinary oncologist and author of Sit, Stay, Heal: What Dogs Teach Us About Living Well. Her poignant story of her and her dog’s simultaneous cancer diagnosis and treatment moved us, and we were pleased to provide the book to all oncologists in attendance. We also hosted a private dinner where Dr. Alsarraf and other veterinary oncologists and professionals could relax, connect, and share.

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VCS Annual Conference

The Annual Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) Conference gathers specialty veterinary professionals dedicated to advancing the field of oncology via research and collaboration. Their annual conference offers lectures, workshops, and exhibits to advance diagnostic techniques, treatments, and trends in veterinary cancer management.

ACCC was honored to be a sponsor of the 2023 event on October 12-14 in Reno, Nevada. Many of our doctors, nurses, and technicians were in attendance. We brought special guest Dr. Renee Alsarraf, author of Sit, Stay, Heal: What Dogs Teach Us About Living Well, (see ACVIM Event), for a book signing. We are grateful for these opportunities to connect and share with fellow oncologists within our industry.

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ACVS Summit

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) holds an annual Summit conference to bring together leading veterinary surgeons, specialists, and researchers. Because surgery is critical in the treatment of so many cancers, we support the advances in surgical techniques, technology, and practices that ACVS facilitates.

ACCC was pleased to be a sponsor of the 2023 Summit in Louisville, Kentucky on October 12-14, 2023. We were proud to have participated in this important event to remain current on the latest medical developments in veterinary medicine.

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Save the dates for the 2024 ACCC Webinar Series:

*Sessions are on Tuesdays

  • June 18, 2024: Oncologic Surgery by ACCC’s Tammi Ruddle, DVM, DACVS, Board-Certified in Surgery, and Robin Holtsinger, DVM, DACVS, Board-Certified in Surgery
  • July 16, 2024: Radiation Therapy by ACCC’s Jarred Lyons, DVM, DACVR, Board-Certified in Radiation Oncology
  • August 20, 2024: Medical Oncology by ACCC’s Ashlyn Williams, DVM, Practice Limited to Oncology
  • September 17, 2024: Updates on Immunotherapy by Esther Chon, DVM, DACVIM, Board Certified in Oncology, Merck Animal Health

If you missed any of our 2023 ACCC Webinar sessions, the links to recordings of each of the four lectures delivered are available below. Thanks to the hundreds of primary care veterinarians across the country who participated.

Thank you to Merck for being our sponsor!


ACCC Oncologist Explains Blood Cancers in Dogs

Hemangiosarcoma (HSA), a malignant tumor of the cells that line blood vessels, was the topic of ACCC’s Summer Webinar offered to primary care vets across Florida and the country. ACCC’s own Ashlyn Williams, DVM, Practice Limited to Oncology, delivered the presentation and provided insights valuable to dog owners who want to learn more about this type of cancer, including its causes, treatment options, and promising emerging discoveries. Dr. Williams explained that this form of cancer is often highly malignant but depends on how the disease presents itself and where it is located.

Advancements in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

Dr. Carrissa Wood, DVM, Practice Limited to Oncology, who treats pets in our Central Florida locations, recently presented “Demystifying Cancer Diagnostics” to nearly 100 primary care veterinarians throughout Florida in the second segment of the virtual summer series, “How to Navigate through the Cancer Diagnosis.” As part of the constantly evolving field of veterinary oncology and the all-too-common long wait times for pet owners to see specialists, Dr. Wood outlined a number of new and traditional diagnostic tools and provided a peek into cutting-edge options, including genomics and precision medicine.

You Diagnosed a Pet with Cancer: How Do You Break the News?

By Evan Sones, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Breaking the news about a cancer diagnosis has been discussed for many years as it relates to humans, although little literature exists on the topic for pets. However, based on my own personal experience, delivering this bad news can be just as devastating to clients. How these conversations are handled can play an impactful role in how pet owners deal with the situation, make decisions about their beloved family member, and view their future journey.